Birchbox VS Ipsy (July 2015 Edition) 

Since the beginning of summer, I’ve been hearing all about Birchbox and Ipsy. If you’re wondering what these things are, then they’re an online-based monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers a box of four to five carefully selected samples of makeup, or other beauty related products (according to Birchbox). Both of these subscriptions cost $10.00 every month. At first, I was unsure about which one I wanted to subscribe to. Originally, Birchbox cost $20.00, so I decided that I would try Ipsy out instead. There was no way I was going to spend twenty bucks on four little samples of makeup!
So, I subscribed to Ipsy at the end of June and waited ever-so-patiently for my bag to arrive. It arrived early July, and I was sort of disappointed. There was only one product out of the four I received that I truly liked.
The products I received were:  
– City Color HD Powder
-Octavio La Playa (sea salt spray)
-OFRA Eyeshadow and Highlighter in Bliss
-Teeez lip color Killing Me Softly

  The HD powder was very difficult to work with. Each time I would try to use it, it would not stay on the brush. It just disappeared! The sea salt spray made my hair super sticky, and the eyeshadow/highlighter was a brown color and could not be used as a highlighter with my fair skin tone. The lip color was the best product in my opinion. It gave my lips a nice, shiny, pinkish tint that lasted for quite a while.

After I received my Ipsy bag, I was pretty sad, so I convinced myself to try Birchbox, and if I didn’t like that either, I’d cancel it. When I went onto the Birchbox site, I was pleased to discover that they’d lowered the price to $10.00!! *Cue me jumping up and down and squealing with joy.* I subscribed to Birchbox and my box arrived mid July. It definitely outdid Ipsy.
The products I received were:
– Key West Aloe Save A Tan after sun moisturizer
– Stila lip color Beso
– Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser
– Atelier Cologne
– Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush

  I found that Birchbox had more summer products than Ipsy did. I tend to wear less makeup during the summer and that means I rarely wear eyeshadow and powder. The Stila lip color is my absolute favorite lip product now. It lasted for hours and hours and it is very pretty for summer. The after sun moisturizer came in handy after I spent a long day at the beach. The exfoliate foaming cleanser works well, along with the bronzer/blush, which was a slightly darker shade than necessary for my skin, but I made it work. I ended up giving the Atelier cologne to a friend because she fell in love with it.

FINAL REVIEW: Birchbox wins it this month. I found the products more useful and appropriate for the season and they had a better quality than the products in the Ipsy bag. I highly recommend subscribing to Birchbox. It is beyond worth it.

Birchbox VS Ipsy (July 2015 Edition)