Best Creation Ever

Okay, so I know that taking a almost a four week hiatus was totally unacceptable in terms of running a blog. But I can assure you that it WILL NEVER happen again. The reason why I was gone for so long was because I was on vacation on the East Coast and I got tied up in everything that I was doing that I completely ran out of time to post. Life also got in the way and I found that experiencing new things were more important than making sure I updated my blog. So I am deeply sorry about my lack of updates and I promise that I will update at least two times a week.

Now, onto what this post is actually about: MY BRAND NEW 32 OZ. MASON JAR WATER BOTTLE!!!! 

I was just strolling through the store, minding my own business when I saw THIS BEAUTIFUL OBJECT. Yes, I know it’s a plastic water bottle, but it truly brings joy into my life. It’s very beneficial for me personally because I like to keep track of what I’m eating and how much water I’m drinking and instead of having to keep finding water bottles to drink or having to refill a smaller water bottle, I have this! I am actually bubbling with excitement as I write this blog post. I think that I was destined to buy this bottle. It was the very last one on the shelf!!!

Well guys, that’s about all I have to say about this wonderful water bottle. I know this post was probably boring and not my best, but I am in a rush right now and I decided that I would just type up a quick post to let you guys know I am still alive and that I will continue to post. Sorry again for my semi-hiatus!

Best Creation Ever

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